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Today I want to tell you about a couple more easy ways to stretch your budget. These apps make it easy to put a little extra money in your pocket and are in regular use in my family, because, after all, who doesn’t love easy money?

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Cash Back on Autopilot

There are many apps available for cashback on groceries, online shopping, and dining out. However, I haven’t come across one that is simpler to use for cashback on purchases made in store or at restaurants than Dosh. It’s really great, because if you’re out shopping and the store has an open offer with Dosh, you get cashback automatically. No receipt to scan, offer to select, or coupon to collect – and the same goes for restaurants. Once you sign up all you have to do is add a credit or debit card to your new account and you’re set! It’s that easy. Dosh also has offers with some online stores and apps. The instructions in Dosh say you have to launch the online store or app from Dosh to get your cashback, it’s an extra step, but it’s pretty painless. The drawback to Dosh is it only works at specific stores and restaurants, so if you’re not shopping there, Dosh won’t help you. New offers come in regularly though, and since they’re applied automatically you can just shop as you normally would and save in the process. A few of the major chains that currently have in-store offers are Advance Auto Parts, Maurice’s, and Office Depot. But my favorite way to use Dosh right now is to shop for groceries online through the Sam’s Club and Walmart apps and then do a store pickup. At Sam’s Club Pickup Dosh gets you 8% cashback and by using Walmart Grocery Pickup you can get 2% cashback on your order. (Bonus tip: If your registered credit card is a Chase Freedom Visa you can get an extra 5% cashback through Chase on the Walmart pickup until the end of December as well.) I’m also combining Dosh rebates with offers the from other 4 Apps for cashback on groceries that I wrote about previously. Oh, and one more note about Dosh – it accrues cash in your account – not points to convert to gift cards.

Earn Cash for Playing Games

Do you like to play games on your phone? Would you like to get paid to play games? Mistplay is an app that pays you to download and explore new games. Yeah, that’s right – you can get paid to play video games. There are tons of mobile games on available, so whatever genre of game you like, there’s probably something for you. To get paid, you download games, play them, and start leveling up. You’ll earn “Units” in Mistplay based on your playing time, and also as you level up in the games. Once you have enough Units, you can use them to get Amazon or Visa gift cards. The bigger payouts are from the leveling up progress – and some games have multipliers on the leveling up. Try out lots of games, it’s easier to level up earlier in games and Mistplay Units add up more quickly this way. If find a game you love and play often – Family Farm Seaside, Yahtzee, Word Life, and Best Fiends are all favorites around my house – the Units from leveling up will slow down eventually, but you’ll still be earning something on playing time. So next time you play Solitaire, ask yourself if you’d like to earn a little extra money for playing.

If you give Dosh or Mistplay a try, let me know your favorite Dosh deal or Mistplay game in the comments below.

Dad likes to play word games and Mom has a beautiful farm on Family Farm Seaside. DadFindsDollars may earn a referral fee for some of the links in this article. But don’t worry – Dad and Mom use each of these apps to stretch their own budget, and if you sign up you’ll get your own referral link to help your friends find more dollars, too.



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